Sifu Vincent Meng

Meng's Martial Arts. One System to counter all styles. Serving the Dayton, Ohio region.

Sifu Vincent Meng began his martial arts journey at the age of three under his father, Grandmaster Benny Meng at Meng’s Martial Arts of Dayton, Ohio. At the age of six, Vincent received his first-degree black sash in not only the system of Ving Tsun Museum, but as well as in the art of Taekwondo. Vincent is currently a 4th Degree Black Sash in the Ving Tsun Museum and a third degree black belt under Kukkiwon Certification.

Vincent started competing at the age of six. He has participated in competitions of all ranges of combat including; forms, breaking, Olympic sparring, point sparring, grappling, and mixed martial arts.

Vincent is highly involved with Olympic taekwondo. Vincent is a 9x State Champion, 2x National Silver Medalist, a Junior Olympic National Champion in TKD, and a national medalist in Youth MMA (Pankration) At the young age of 17, Vincent is already a world-class athlete in the martial art combat sports with over 500 matches.

Competition Summary

  • 2016 USA Kuoshu National Champion
  • 2016 USAT National Collegiate Quarter Finalist
  • 2016 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2015 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2014 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2013 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2012 USAT National Championship: Silver
  • 2012 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2011 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2011 AAU State Championship: Silver
  • 2010 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2010 AAU National Junior Olympics: Silver
  • 2010 AAU State Championship: Gold
  • 2009 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2009 AAU State Championship: Silver
  • 2008 AAU National Junior Olympics: Gold
  • 2008 USAT State Championship: Gold
  • 2008 AAU State Championship: Gold
  • 2006 AAU State Championship: Silver

Vincent is also involved with wrestling. Vincent started wrestling in third grade at Centerville. He now wrestles for the Centerville high school varsity team for the 3rd year, going into his senior year. He is a Freshman Buckeye Champion with “MVP” award, sectional champion and a district qualifier.

He remains active, training 5-6 days a week and teaching 3-4 days a week while maintaining high academic honors in Centerville High School.

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