Sije Terena Fugate

Meng's Martial Arts. One System to counter all styles. Serving the Dayton, Ohio region.

Mrs. Terena Fugate is a 1st Degree Black Sash in the Ving Tsun Museum grading curriculum under the guidance of her Sifu Grandmaster Benny Meng. She began her martial arts training as a birthday present to herself in in 2011 and received her Black Sash in July 2014.

Terena is a graduate of the intense R.A.D. (Rape Aggressive Defense) program under the guidance of the Kettering Police Department Swat Group. She has intensive training in the study of self-defense for women, completing 36 weeks, 90 hours of intensive training.

Terena Fugate currently holds several license in investing and financial management, including a Series 7 Registered Representative license, Series 24 Principal Securities Supervisor License and a Series 63 Ohio laws & Investment, and in her 15-year career has worked for such firms as Wells Fargo Securities, Transamerica Financial Services and Stifel Nicolaus Financial Services.

Terena is currently an active assistant instructor at Meng’s Martial Arts Headquarters in Huber Heights, Ohio and is currently working on her 2nd Degree Black Sash Rank. It is her wish to support all students, especially women, in the most important issue of personal Self-Defense and life skills and is available to provide personal private lessons to those people who would like to increase their knowledge and experience. She is currently working on several video’s and a Facebook page that will offer tips and tools to help people working on their life skills, martial arts, and self-defense training.

Terena began her Martial Arts training with the goal of fitness, but has learned through her journey that this is a chosen life style that gives her so many more gifts in her life, such as good health, peace of mind, confidence and personal security. Combined with her investment advisory experience, she has found a system that allows her the opportunity to help others in any area of life that they are struggling with. Check out her Facebook page Terena Fugate Meng’s Martial Arts to learn more about her passion and her teachings HERE.

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