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Meng's Martial Arts. One System to counter all styles. Serving the Dayton, Ohio region.

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For the first time in Dayton, the best of fitness and the best of martial arts come together, creating a new force in martial fitness. The martial arts encompass a wide range from fitness to sports and from self-defense to self-improvement. It is only in the study of the martial arts and self-defense that the best in you can truly be revealed. In a life-and-death situation, there is no could’ve, would’ve, should’ve; there is only do and survive.

The cutting-edge marital arts program combined with the latest, high-tech equipment guided by knowledgeable and experience teachers give you a 1,2,3 knockout! You will learn to control the space around you and to recognize potential danger before it starts. Forewarned, you will be prepared for what life throws at you. The clean and spacious facility combined with the latest
in training and teaching can take you as far as you want to go.

This program contains the best of the martial arts: realistic self-defense, health and fitness benefits, and principles and concepts that can be applied toward harmonizing your life.

1. Self-Defense
  • Realistic combat techniques that encompass all ranges of combat (Kicking, Stri king, Trapping, Grappling). There is no need to learn four different styles to learn all four ranges of techniques.
  • Traditional and modern weapons.
  • Focus on technical skill and efficiency, not just brute strength and raw speed.
  • This is the only system that has reached maximum efficiency, meaning
    noth ing can be added or subtracted from the system to improve it.
2. Health
  • Complete fitness and health system.
  • External fitness with a focus on proper body mechanics (anatomical
  • stru cture) and physical attributes (flexibility, strength, endurance, balance, and, coordination).
  • Internal fitness develops life’s vital energies, the chi, which benefits the internal organs as well as the emotional condition.
3. Philosophy
  • Focus on understanding one’s true identity and potential.
  • Ability to solve conflicts and maintains harmony.
  • Eliminate negative emotions and illusions.
  • Tactics and strategies that can apply to daily life.

The Shaolin Wing Chun systems contain the best of the four categories of martial arts. It offers members realistic self-defense, health, and fitness benefits, combined with principles and concepts that can be applied toward harmonizing one’s life.

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