National and International Instructors

Meng's Martial Arts. One System to counter all styles. Serving the Dayton, Ohio region.

I have students in 15 countries with thousands in our organization. Those in the below image are my leaders and current Shaolin Wing Chun direct disciples/instructors.

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Grand Master Benny Meng : The Founder and Grand Master Instructor for Meng’s Martial Arts.


Instructors inside the U.S.

Master Chango Noaks: Master Instructor at the Richmond, Indiana location.

Master Jeremy Roadruck: Master Instructor at the Centerville, Ohio location.

Master Brad Ryan: Master Instructor at the Katy, Texas Location.

Master John Lambert: Master Instructor at the Cincinnati, Ohio location.

Master Ian Fusco: Master Instructor at the North Wales, PA Location.

Master Michael Sampson: Master Instructor at the Savanna, GA location.

Sifu Daniel Duran: Head Instructor at the Harlingen, Texas location.


Instructors outside the United States

Sifu Oscar Choco: Head Instructor in Cuenca, Ecuador

Sifu Johnatan Martinez: Head Instructor in Bogota, Colombia

Sifu Mohammed Al Medlij: Head Instructor in Kuwait City, Kuwait

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