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Meng’s Martial Arts is proud to be host to the  Ving Tsun Museum , the first martial arts museum in the United States. Wing Chun, traditionally written as Ving Tsun and sometimes also referred to as Wing Tsun, is an ancient martial arts that traces its origins to the Southern Shaolin Temple in China. Most people today know about Wing Chun because of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee’s original art and many of his thoughts about martial arts originate with the concepts of Wing Chun.

There are many branches and families that fall under the umbrella term of ‘Wing Chun.’ The Ving Tsun Museum is a full-time research institution dedicated to:

Documenting and researching the many families of Wing Chun Collecting, Archiving, and Displaying its treasures and artifacts Updating martial art training methods with proven scientific teaching aids, tools, and certifications Expanding martial arts practitioners’ comprehension and use of the system through examination and distribution of knowledge Recognizing its greatest contributors, both past and present and providing a home for all Wing Chun families to gather and share their rich heritage, regardless of lineage, in an atmosphere free of prejudice, personal gains, or political considerations.

The  Ving Tsun Museum  is a treasure-trove of martial arts information with many articles, rare and
historic photos, and more! It should be required viewing for the serious martial artist.

Many Meng’s Martial Arts instructors are Ving Tsun Museum Committee members. Part of the responsibility of the Museum Committee is to research, experience, and review martial arts from around the world. This gives Museum Committee members a strong background in martial arts in general, Shaolin arts in particular, and Wing Chun in specialty.

The Ving Tsun Museum also takes a pro-active approach to martial arts research by bringing many world-class Masters and Grand Masters to Dayton, OH on a regular basis, publishing articles in respected martial arts magazines, producing professional DVDs for instruction, certification, and
research purposes.

Call (937) 236-6485 or email  to set up an appointment for a guided tour (about 45 minutes)


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