Judo/Jiu Jitsu

Meng's Martial Arts. One System to counter all styles. Serving the Dayton, Ohio region.

Taught By A Multiple World Champion And Producer Of Olympians!!



Why practice Judo?

Judo means…

The gentle way of yielding…

Judo fosters, promotes, builds the developmental discipline and respect for self and others, determination, confidence, courage and supports the positive aspirations and dreams of success in life!  Physically Judo builds strength, stamina, balance, agility and an over sense of well being.

Who is Judo for?  All ages and all levels!

Class times:

Mondays and Wednesdays  from 7pm – 8:15pm
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm – 6pm

* Drop by or call for Info:
Sensei Leyen Zulueta
World Class Judo Institute
5715 Brandt Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45424
(937) 236-6485

* 5 Time World Champion Medalist

* 2010 US Open Judo Champion

* National & International Judo Clinicia

Judo Coach and Clinician – Leyen Zulueta – Shiai Record

2010 – U.S. Open – (Miami Fl.) (Gold)

2003 – World Championships – (Japan) (Silver)
Pan American Games – (Dominican Rep.) (Gold)
Kra Cup Korean Open – (Korea) (Silver)

2002 – Team World Championships – (Switzerland) (Silver)
Super A Tournament – Paris – (France) (Silver)

2001 – World Championships – (Germany) (Bronze)
World University Championships – (China) (Bronze)
Pan American Games – (Argentina) (Gold)

1998 – Junior World Championships – (Colombia) (Gold)

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